Artista: The Father and the Sun
Track: Lies
Album: Remember EP
Género: Synth Pop
De: Holanda

The Father and the Sun is an Dutch synth pop band from The Netherlands formally known as Camping. Formed in 2016, the band’s line-up consists of Ronny Janmaat (vocals, synth), Paul Dekker (guitar), Barend Noordam (bass guitar), Wout de Kruif (drums, percussion) and Stan Bekker (synth, electronica).

The Father and the Sun is a multifaceted phenomenon. At once a band and a one man project, a producerly first EP that, when performed live, reveals a soul and warmth that is found embedded deeply in the EP. Perhaps one could see the project as a process, as it was for its founder, a way of processing the things that come to pass. The current EP ‘Remember’ (released April 23, 2016) offers a clear signature of eighties synth pop and new wave qualities one can expect the next release to be just as recognisable in its offerings for both body and intellect, yet entirely different from its predecessor, because other things will have come to pass.

Voice and lyrics work in tandem to convey the understated emotion, often working towards a climatic yet controlled release. The soundscape of guitar and keys form a layer that is regularly punctured by the lively and tight rhythm section of bass and drums. All this combined offers a journey that is deeply personal for both performers and audience.

Having first performed live at Kytopia in Utrecht on 23 April 2016, their performance subscribes to the unified yet at times divergent components of the music, in which guitar and voice (keys) give an understated translation of the quiet emotion, while bass and drums transfer that which literally moves us.

The Father And The Sun

The Father And The Sun

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